Management of Human Resource Development for Social Welfare Workers: How Does the Garut District Social Service Utilize this Resource System?

  • Mulyaningsih Universitas Garut, Indonesia
Keywords: Management, Human Resources, Social Welfare.


Human resources have an essential role in utilizing organizational systems and are required to have high performance and quality, human resources are one of the most critical factors in an organization, both public and private organizations because humans plan to oversee the implementation activities within the organization. Where the human in question must be sufficient in number according to needs and have adequate skills according to the demands of the tasks in the organization, this study uses a descriptive method with a qualitative approach and data triangulation analysis. The study results explain that the application of the concept of human resource management in the Social Welfare Personnel of Garut Regency generally applies a pattern of improving the performance of human resources, which is integrated into organizational culture education. it includes norms and values ​​that direct the behavior of organizational members to behave by the prevailing culture to be accepted by their environment, over all the concept is expected to change systems and services to the community for the better, because of the rapid progress of science in the background. The organization must also be balanced with perfect human resources, because it cannot be denied that the application of organizational culture has an essential role in determining organizational growth.


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