Legal Sanctions Against Contempt of Court Actors: Analysis Based on Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure Code

  • Sufmi Dasco Ahmad Universitas Pakuan, Bogor, Indonesia
Keywords: Contempt of Court, Criminal Procedure Law, Criminal Law.


Arrangements regarding the Contempt of Court process to enforce and ensure the judicial process runs without various parties, other parties involved in the judiciary, the mass media, and office officials themselves. The regulation regarding the Contempt of Court is a legal effort to defend the public interest and the rule of law so that the judicial process can be carried out properly and fairly, without interference, or being undermined by other parties, both during the judicial process in court and outside the court building. In connection with cases that occur in trials, judicial power needs to be protected from all forms of action that can guarantee the authority of the institution and the organizers, both as a private institution. In this context, we need a rule of law to protect the institution from all forms of action that can be applied to its authority. Unfortunately, the current legal regulations do not adequately accommodate all internal experimentation problems. Analytical descriptive research, with a normative legal approach in laws and regulations (law in books). The results of the study explain that the application of legal sanctions against Contempt of Court actors based on the Criminal Code (KUHP) and the Criminal Procedure Code (KUHAP) is not firm because it does not clearly explain the actions or actions that are applied to the Court so that the application of legal sanctions for Contempt of Court actors cannot be implemented adequately and optimally.


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